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Hello World !

Ishan Sharma
May 30th, 2020 · 2 min read

Hello World 🌏

I would like to initiate this blog, by first talking 🔈 a little bit about myself in this article.  

3 int main() {
4 std::cout << "Let's start this journey together!";
5 return 0;

My name is Ishan and I’m a Full Stack Web Developer, App Developer & UI/UX Designer, I do have quite expertise with various technologies in other areas as well such as Flutter, .NET , Python, C++, Machine Learning etc.

I began my programming journey in summer vacations of 2014, when I was in Grade VII. The idea of being able to teach, command a computer to do anything you ask has always fascinated me since childhood.

Like, for an analogy, Almost all of us have been to a bank ATM 💰, right? Now, just imagine the sheer scale of how these lines of scripts written by guys like us, sitting behind a screen 💻, is responsible for managing the entire banking system of the world.

In my early teens 👦🏻 I was not a good coder 👨🏽‍💻 as such. I could hardly write a well optimized C Program and could not even understand many use-cases 😷 of these programs. Probably because I was not much of a book worm 🐛. Things changed in the year 2015 when I started Programming the web. Creating HTML websites and writing that ‘Built with ❤️ by ishandeveloper’ in their footer was quite fun 😄

And Then,

My programming journey took a serious turn in summer of 2016, when I created my first .NET Desktop App called ‘Hotspoter’. I first published it on a popular blogging site at that time.


The Public Response was quite astonishing for me! In it’s first week, The app recieved over 25,000+ downloads! This really motivated me a lot and I started working harder & harder to constantly improve the app and user experience.

Three months later, I switched the whole codebase of the project from Visual Basic to Visual C# because of the limitations of VB language. And I decided to publish the same to Softonic, on there submission form, they actually required the publisher to have a dedicated webpage for the app they’re trying to publish.

That’s when, I again started taking my Web Development skills to the next level.
This was a brief summary of how this One Project of mine, set me on the path to pursue this amazing journey. Might share more on this experience of mine, some other day, in some other post.

Fast Forward to today, I work mostly with tech stacks like React Js, Node Js Flutter, Automate cool stuff and implement Machine Learning / Deep Learning in real-life scenarios with Python.

I’m open to discussions on various technologies. I will try to update my blog as much as possible so that many of you can get an idea of the latest trends in technologies.

That’s all for this post ! See you in the next one.

Remember, Our journey has just began 🌟

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