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Why do I love Adidas?

Ishan Sharma
July 2nd, 2023 · 4 min read

Have you ever experienced that feeling when everyone keeps asking you the same question repeatedly? Well, that’s been happening to me quite frequently these days. Whether it’s my friends, family, or colleagues, they all seem to be curious about my immense love for Adidas.

To be honest, until recently, I couldn’t provide a concrete answer to their inquiries. However, after some deep contemplation, I believe I’ve finally uncovered the reasons behind my unwavering affection for the brand. It’s remarkable how a simple question can lead to countless conversations. I distinctly remember the first time one of my friends asked me, “Why do you love Adidas?”

It happened during an unforgettable road trip from Bangalore to Kanyakumari. Little did I know that this question would ignite a genuine curiosity not only within myself but also among others.

Since then, I’ve heard this question countless times at this point, at almost every single tech meetup in Bangalore that I attend, someone would surely come up to me and ask this particular question 🥲

Just to give you a glimpse of what sort of level of affection I’m talking about, here are some of my very recent conversations involving Adidas :)

Adidas | @ishandeveloper | Ishan Sharma

In fact, the interest in my love for Adidas has even gone beyond casual conversations. One of my friends created a dedicated emoji in our company Slack workspace, aptly named ‘:ishan-adidas:’ :ishan-adidas: It’s a testament to the impact of this brand on my life and the curiosity it has sparked among those around me.

So, let’s answer this question, Once & for all

Why do I ❤️ Adidas?

The roots of my love for adidas trace back to my childhood, more specifically when I was in 7th or 8th grade, I guess. As a young boy, I found myself wearing those cheap replicas of adidas shoes, as we couldn’t afford the orignals.

I was so happy when I got my first pair of those replicas of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350. As soon as the box was in my hands, I eagerly ripped it open, unable to contain my enthusiasm and during that moment I might have done an entire product photoshoot of those shoes :)

Adidas First Pair| @ishandeveloper | Ishan Sharma

Nonetheless, I nurtured a persistent dream of one day possessing an authentic pair 🤞🏻. They represented more than just footwear; they symbolized a connection to something greater, a testament to my aspirations.

Fast forward to a few months..

Finally, the opportunity to realize my ambition arrived. 🥺

In 9th grade, I developed a successful app that generated a substantial sum of money—thousands of dollars 💰:radhika-richhhhhhhh:. Filled with excitement and a profound sense of accomplishment, I resolved to invest in my inaugural pair of original adidas shoes.

I asked my mom, if I could go ahead and buy a pair of original adidas shoes, and she said agreed ❤️

I went on Amazon & carefully picked out the right size and color of the shoes, feeling a rush of excitement building up. It wasn’t just a regular transaction; it was the culmination of months of admiration and the fulfillment of a long-held childhood dream, finally coming true 🤞🏻🥺

Adidas Order| @ishandeveloper | Ishan Sharma

When the package arrived at my doorstep, I eagerly tore open the amazon cardboard box, revealing the unmistakable adidas shoebox nestled within. Delicately unboxing it, I was greeted by the familiar three stripes and the iconic adidas logo 💙

Holding those shoes in my hands, I felt an incredible sense of achievement and pride. They were the result of my hard work, proof that dreams can actually come true if you just keep doing what you love and never give up.

Adidas First Shoe| @ishandeveloper | Ishan Sharma

Putting on those original adidas shoes for the first time was unreal. They were so comfortable and fit perfectly, unlike anything I had worn before. With each step I took, I felt a renewed surge of confidence, reminding me that I was wearing the outcome of my own hard work and representing the brand I’ve admired for so long.

That’s the core reason why I have a profound affection for Adidas.

It just makes me feel happy & empowered.

Hence, even to this day, whenever I find myself in a bad mood, having a rough day, or feeling stressed, stepping into an adidas store is like therapy for me.

It’s a way to reconnect with my younger self and indulge in the things that would have brought me joy back then. It’s as if I’m transported to a time when dreams were abundant, and possibilities seemed endless.

But, There’s more..

I love minimalism & two words that perfectly represents adidas for me are “comfort” & “simplicity”.

From the moment I put on their shoes or wear their clothes, I feel a sense of ease. It’s like being wrapped in a soft cloud, ready to take on anything. This exceptional comfort shows how dedicated adidas is to making high-quality products that meet their customers’ needs.

The attention to detail and innovation in adidas’ designs is impressive. They combine advanced technologies with stylish looks to create a perfect blend of fashion and function. It’s evident in every single piece of clothing, where the iconic three stripes trademark adds a touch of minimalistic elegance ✨

Adidas Club| @ishandeveloper | Ishan Sharma

Moreover, their commitment to sustainability makes me admire the brand even more. They actively work towards eco-friendly practices and use recycled materials in their products, making a positive impact on the environment. This is something that I’ve extensively addressed in my other blog post on Customer Delight.

So, whenever life gets tough, you’ll often find me seeking refuge in an adidas store, immersing myself in the nostalgia and allowing my younger self to guide my choices. It’s a calming experience that brings a smile to my face and helps me rediscover a sense of playfulness and enthusiasm.

In essence, for me adidas is more than just a brand; it’s a gateway to my cherished memories and a source of comfort and aspirations. It’s a testament to the enduring power of dreams and the impact that they can have on our lives. And for that, I will always hold adidas close to my heart ❤️

Hope this answers the question :)

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